David Chiu On The Issues

San Francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in California, yet we have serious difficulty providing even basic services.

Despite a $6.5 billion budget, homicides in San Francisco are at the highest level in a decade, our buses are late 30% of the time, our streets are dirty, and our housing is unaffordable.

This is unacceptable–so is the politics of personality in City Hall which is blocking our progress!

Rather than engage in finger-pointing, our elected officials need to implement new approaches to reducing crime, improving public transit, increasing open space and cleaning our streets.

Why am I running for District 3 Supervisor?

We need a new generation of leaders, who can move us beyond the current politics of personality.

Leaders who can build consensus and build bridges between diverse stakeholders to create lasting policies and solutions. A leader with a civil and respectful style that can mediate differences and craft consensus.

A leader who will listen to all neighborhoods, merchant groups and residents.

I am running for Supervisor to provide this new leadership.

What’s the David Chiu difference?

With nine candidates in the race for District 3 Supervisor, voters ask me this question everyday.

The answer: my broad experience improving our quality of life in District 3 for over 12 years.

Public safety experience. Leadership experience. Public policy experience. Business experience. Community service experience. Neighborhood experience.

Given today’s stagnating economy and tight city budgets, San Francisco needs experienced, professional leaders who can get more done with less–I am such a leader.

Issues that voters like you are talking about.

Since January, I’ve been listening to voters from every neighborhood in District 3, and hearing your concerns.

This section of my web site features answers to your questions about my experiences and positions on these most asked about issues that concern us all: