David Chiu Endorsed By Largest Tenants Association In District 3 – Community Tenants Association

Community Tenants Association Continues Its Fight for Affordable Housing

San Francisco — June 25, 2008 – David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor, was officially endorsed today by the Community Tenants Association (CTA) at a news conference at Bayside Senior Housing.  Founded in 1987, CTA is the largest tenants organization in the District 3, and advocates for the creation of affordable housing, the preservation of existing affordable housing, tenants rights, and housing policy.

David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor in San Francisco, said “as Supervisor, I will continue to work closely with community based organizations like CTA, to ensure affordable housing for District 3 and all of San Francisco, to protect our tenants, and to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”