Teachers & Tenants Endorse David Chiu

6,000 Strong UESF & 3 Tenants Rights Organizations Endorse David Chiu for Supervisor

San Francisco, CA — September 24, 2008 – David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor, has been officially endorsed by United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) and by the San Francisco Tenants Union for the November 4 election.

UESF represents the more than 6,000 San Francisco Unified School District employees including teachers, counselors, security aides, psychologists, community relations specialists, instructional aides, nurses, and speech pathologists and therapists.

“I am honored that United Educators of San Francisco has endorsed me as their choice for Supervisor as I continue to advocate for students, educators, and schools” said David Chiu, Candidate for District 3 Supervisor. “I look forward to continue working with all of my supporters to campaign for stronger schools as we near this critical November election.”

David Chiu is also the only District 3 Supervisor candidate to be endorsed by tenants rights organizations such as the San Francisco Tenants Union, the Tenant Associations Coalition of San Francisco, and the Community Tenants Association which is the largest tenants’ association in the District.

San Francisco Tenants Union has been fighting for the rights of tenants and for the preservation of affordable housing in San Francisco since 1971.

“In the District 3 Supervisor’s race, the San Francisco Tenants Union has decided to endorse David Chiu, a tenant himself who understands the threats facing all renters in our city today and has worked tirelessly to protect tenants and create affordable housing,” said Ted Gullicksen, Director of the San Francisco Tenants Union. 

“The battle lines in the District 3 race are clear, as David’s major opponents — who own their homes — are accepting thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from landlords and large real estate developers who wish to radically alter the housing landscape, at the risk of the 80 percent of District 3 who are renters,” said Gullicksen.

David Chiu recently served as the chair of the board of directors of the largest affordable housing organization in District 3 — the Chinatown Community Development Center — which has developed housing for over 2,000 low-income immigrants, families and seniors. 

A former civil rights attorney, David represented and has advocated for tenants facing evictions, including one of District 3’s largest Ellis Act evictions. 

David has been a tenant resident in District 3 for 12 years.

David Chiu Listens To District 3 Renters