David Chiu Is Fighting To Protect Our Small Businesses

Commission Passes Resolution Supporting Small Business Facing Serial Lawsuits

San Francisco – July 24, 2008 – At a Special Meeting of the San Francisco Small Business Commission convened today, the Commission unanimously passed a resolution authored by Commissioner David Chiu to protect small businesses facing serial lawsuits alleging violations under the Americans for Disabilities Act. 

In recent years, several attorneys have filed these cookie-cutter lawsuits, including one attorney who has brought lawsuits against at least 30 San Francisco small businesses in 2008 after being previously sanctioned by a federal judge.

Passed 5-0 by the Commission, the resolution emphasizes that all businesses must comply with the ADA, but condemns the legal tactics of these litigants and warns the public about the situation.  The Commission urges the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to provide funding for experts to advise small businesses regarding their ADA obligations, to assist small businesses facing these lawsuits, and to enact legislation to ameliorate the situation.

David Chiu, Small Business Commissioner, said “the lifeblood of our neighborhoods are our small mom-and-pop stores and restaurants, and these vexatious litigants are draining the lifeblood of our small businesses.  Our city must do what it can to assist these businesses, while ensuring that accessibility is protected.”

The San Francisco Small Business Commission functions as the City’s central point of information and referral for entrepreneurs and small businesses located in the City and County of San Francisco. By championing “business-friendly” policies, marketing the contributions of the small business sector, and developing appropriate assistance programs, the Small Business Commission works to support and enhance an environment where small businesses can succeed and flourish.

David Chiu Endorsed By Asian American Bar Association (AABA)

AABA of Greater Bay Area Is Largest Local Asian American Bar Association in United States

San Francisco — July 2, 2008 – David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor, has been endorsed by the Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area (AABA).  The endorsement was announced tonight at a North Beach reception given in David’s honor, hosted by District Attorney Kamala D. Harris, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, and other legal community leaders.

“The Asian American Bar Association has endorsed David Chiu for District 3 Supervisor,” said Celia Lee, AABA President.  “Like AABA, David Chiu has a strong sense of community responsibility and will bring his deep experience and significant talents to serve the public interest.”

AABA is the largest local Asian American bar association in the country and is one of the largest minority bar associations in California.  Founded in 1976, AABA provides Asian American attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area with a vehicle for the unified opinions and positions on matters of concern to all Asian American attorneys.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement and confidence of the Asian American legal community through the endorsement of AABA,” said David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor in San Francisco.  “As a public representative, I will continue my fight to ensure people from all walks of life have access to justice, to work tirelessly for equality, and to improve public safety.”

David Chiu Endorsed By Largest Tenants Association In District 3 – Community Tenants Association

Community Tenants Association Continues Its Fight for Affordable Housing

San Francisco — June 25, 2008 – David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor, was officially endorsed today by the Community Tenants Association (CTA) at a news conference at Bayside Senior Housing.  Founded in 1987, CTA is the largest tenants organization in the District 3, and advocates for the creation of affordable housing, the preservation of existing affordable housing, tenants rights, and housing policy.

David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor in San Francisco, said “as Supervisor, I will continue to work closely with community based organizations like CTA, to ensure affordable housing for District 3 and all of San Francisco, to protect our tenants, and to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”

David Chiu Elected To San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee

David is committed to ensuring that the San Francisco Democratic Party continues to take positions that reflect our city’s shared progressive values.

San Francisco – On June 3, 2008, San Francisco voters elected David Chiu to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) to represent the 13th Assembly District.

David received 22,524 certified votes and placed third out of a highly competitive field of 32 candidates in the 13th Assembly District DCCC race; the top 12 vote getters were elected to the DCCC.

The San Francisco DCCC is the governing body of the San Francisco Democratic Party. The committee is comprised of 12 elected members from each of the 12th and 13th Assembly Districts, as well as of Democratic state and federally elected officials who currently reside in San Francisco.

“I am deeply humbled that the good voters of Assembly District 13 supported me to continue advocating for important Democratic values and issues,” said David Chiu, who is also a November District 3 candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. “I look forward to working with my supporters and grassroots volunteers to strengthen the local Democratic Party for the November election.”

The top 12 DCCC vote getters in the Assembly District 13 are (in order of votes received):  Aaron Peskin, David Campos, David Chiu, Laura Spanjian, Robert Haaland, Leslie Rachel Katz, Rafael Mandelman, Debra Walker, Chris Daly, Scott Weiner, Michael Goldstein, and Joe Julian.

David Chiu Was Elected To The DCCC By AD13 Voters On June 3 2008

David Chiu Helping Balance San Francisco Budget

Real Estate Watchdog Program Generates Initial Revenue Success

April 24, 2008 – Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting announced that the Real Estate Watchdog Program had its first success, allowing San Francisco to collect an additional $1.34 million in revenues after a private citizen informed the Assessor Recorder’s Office of an unreported change of ownership for a commercial real estate property.

In 2006, Mayor Newsom signed the Real Estate Watchdog ordinance, introduced by Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting and passed unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  Based on a program concept proposed by Small Business Commissioner David Chiu, the ordinance creates a financial incentive for individuals to report information regarding changes of ownership of San Francisco properties that have not been properly reported to the Assessor-Recorder’s Office, so that all commercial properties would be assessed at fair market value and pay their fair share.

“The success of this ordinance is now dependent on the public’s participation — we need you to be our eyes and ears and help us hold property owners accountable for unlawful activity,” said Ting.  “This program sends a message to property owners that we are not going to tolerate unreported changes of ownership.”  Ting recommended that the whistleblower be awarded $59,803 for providing his office with information of the unreported change of ownership.

According to Chiu, the legislation was inspired by an Internal Revenue Service program that has generated over a billion dollars by deputizing citizens to collect lost tax revenue and identify potential fraud.

“This is an example of how good government is supposed to work — we created an innovative program to enlist the help of San Franciscans to ensure that all taxpayers are paying their fair share,” said Chiu.  “We need to ensure that the city is collecting all available revenues, particularly in tight budget years when every dollar is needed for critical city services.”

David Chiu Endorsed By San Francisco Labor Council For District 3 Supervisor

SFLC Represents 150 Unions Totaling 100 Thousand Members Includes SEIU Local 1021 and SEIU-UHW

April 2, 2008 – The San Francisco Labor Council, including SEIU Local 1021 and SEIU-UHW, has announced its endorsement of David Chiu for District 3 Supervisor in San Francisco for the November 4, 2008 election.

“The San Francisco Labor Council endorses David Chiu’s campaign for District 3 Supervisor,” said Tim Paulson, executive director of the San Francisco Labor Council, “David has proven himself to be a true friend and ally of labor. Our organization and our membership will do all that we can to help David win his upcoming election.”

San Francisco Labor Council (SFLC) represents more than 150 labor unions, including several representing city workers. The SFLC is the local body of the AFL-CIO and was chartered in 1893 to be the coordinating regional body for labor cooperation and unity. Over 150 unions are affiliated with the SFLC, representing more than 100 thousand members and their families.

“We stand with our brother David Chiu and endorse his candidacy for District 3 Supervisor,” said Ed Kinchley, executive board member, SEIU Local 1021. “David understands the importance of public health services and will fight to ensure that San Franciscans’ health is not jeopardized.”

SEIU Local 1021 is a progressive 21st century union representing a wide variety of public and private non-profit workers. The Local represents over 50 thousand workers in local government, schools, courts, health care, special district, and private non-profit jurisdictions throughout northern California.

“We’re excited to be supporting David Chiu in his campaign for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors,” said Sal Rosselli, President SEIU-United Health Care Workers-West. “Just as David has stood side-by-side with healthcare workers in their longstanding commitment to the health and well-being of San Francisco, we stand behind him now.”

SEIU United Healthcare Workers (SEIU-UHW) is a union organization of 150 thousand members working in every facet of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and homecare. UHW is the fastest growing union in the nation and is also the largest and most powerful hospital and healthcare union west of the Mississippi.

“I am humbled to receive the endorsement of the San Francisco Labor Council through its competitive endorsement process,” said David Chiu, candidate for District 3 Supervisor in San Francisco. “As an elected official, I would make myself accessible to workers and their representatives by asking for labor input on relevant policies and working with organized labor to develop legislative proposals.”

David Chiu has been a strong advocate for labor throughout his professional career. As a staff attorney with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, David represented workers against a sweatshop employer, and served on the advisory board of the San Francisco Day Laborer Program. He has assisted UNITE HERE Local 2 workers on various issues involving hotel management.

In the mid 1990’s, Chiu served as a legislative counsel to U.S. Senator Paul Simon of Illinois, a strong ally of labor, and advised the Senator on numerous budget proposals that affected working families.

David Chiu Announces Candidacy For San Francisco District 3 Supervisor

Small Business Commissioner and Former San Francisco Assistant D.A. Represents New Generation of Leadership for City Hall

San Francisco – January 29, 2008 – David Chiu today announced his candidacy for the office of Supervisor for the City and County of San Francisco in District 3. The election will be held on November 4, 2008.

“Everything I love about San Francisco is represented in the diversity of District 3’s residents, neighborhoods and businesses,” said candidate David Chiu. “But my district and our great city can be more accessible, cleaner and safer. When we work together to address difficult issues, San Francisco is a beacon to the world. I look forward to engaging my neighbors through a grassroots campaign focused on discussing our district’s top concerns and partnering together to create workable solutions.”

Chiu lives and works in District 3, and at age thirty-eight represents a new generation of leadership for San Francisco. A San Francisco Small Business Commissioner, Chiu is also Chief Operating Officer at Grassroots Enterprise. Chiu previously served as a criminal prosecutor in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Among his numerous community leadership experiences, Chiu has chaired the Lower Polk Neighbors and District 3’s largest affordable housing organization, Chinatown Community Development Center.

David Chiu is already endorsed by a wide spectrum of elected San Francisco officials, including President of the Board of Supervisors Aaron Peskin (District 3), Supervisor Tom Ammiano (District 9), District Attorney Kamala Harris, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting, and School Board Commissioner Hydra Mendoza.